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Customer Comment:
If I can hear all this on a tapping instrument, where lightly tapped, lower tension strings vibrate more freely over the pickups and interact less with the neck/body structure, then your acoustic effect must be dramatic on bass guitar!
Emmett Chapman,, About the sound of a Stick XBL36 prototype

As a small company with a great product, BassLab is unable to offer product for free. But, it is always a great pleasure to see and hear an artist playing a BassLab instrument.

Therefore, we offer national recording artists the opportunity to purchase custom instruments at cost, in return for name recognition in interviews and on newly released recordings by the artist. This is represented by such statements as "the artist uses BassLab guitars" or "the artist would like to thank BassLab Instruments".

In order for us to promote the relationship, here are some sample items that we would like from the artist in order to present them at trade shows (e.g. NAMM) and/or on our web site. Note that we review all artist endorsements on a regular basis.

Customer Comment:
Greg, the bass makes the band sound crisper, cleaner, and tighter because it makes me play tighter with the drummer. And also because any mistake I make is also clearer, so I have to be more on top of it - which is great!
Giovanna Westwood, Las Vegas, Silver STD-V p3


Often, we will allow artists to return their BassLab instruments as trade-ins or upgrades towards the cost of new instruments, depending on age and condition (of the instruments, not the artists!).

Special Loans

Occasionally, we will loan instruments for short periods, single performances, or video shoots, if such a loan matches our promotional needs (which it often does). In these cases, the artist will generally only pay for shipping, insurance, a refundable deposit, and sign a suitable "rental agreement" accepting responsibility for any damages. Other arrangements are possible. Contact us and find out.

Call us toll-free at 1-866-666-7858. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and other payment methods.

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